Iconic Lotus Radio Network

Working with entrepreneurs and business owners is one of the goals of the Carol Moulton Company.  To that end, the Iconic Lotus Radio Network, an affiliate member station of the Streaming Inspiration Broadcast Network (SIBN) family of broadcast stations, brings programming to and for persons with business interests.


Programming is focused on tools, tips and strategies to start, grow and customize your business.  If you have conceived an idea or have a passion to start or grow a business, you need tools – the right methods, the pitfalls as well as the things that will help you become magnificently successful.  Find it all right here.  More is not always better.  We provide the best information but boil it down to easily consumable pieces, tailored not to overwhelm, but to develop and enhance the best in you.

Member Stations

TEA Time (Tactical Education & Advice) Radio is the establishing member station of Iconic Lotus Radio Network.  The weekly program features conversations with thought leaders and influencers to bring the latest information on personal development, holistic and transformational coaching, focused on showing you how to be a better You.


New stations will be added during 2019.