Coaching is about facilitating transformational change. With an understanding of your growth edges (uncomfortable things your emotions are trying to tell you); your emotional intelligence and your pain points, we will work together to help you find those areas you are motivated to change.

Without judgment but with commitment to seeing you flourish, I will coach you to facilitate the change in behavior you want to see. Our work together will build step by step changes to help you find your deepest motivation and direct that stimulus into building new skills, habits, mindsets and confidence.

The end result – the changes you seek – a new insight, a fresh perspective, a small shift that absolutely will change everything. If you are tired of working through your challenges alone, let’s talk. I am ready to partner with you. Call today or click on the calendar and schedule a 30-minute complimentary consultation.  You will be glad you took this first step.

Code of Ethics

As your coach, I agree to abide by the following:

  • I will not knowingly misrepresent my knowledge or expertise either publicly or privately, and I will be transparent regarding my education, certifications, and other qualifications.
  • I will hold all discussions with my clients in the strictest confidence, except where doing so may cause harm to others.
  • I will not provide information or advice that I do not believe in or that I would not personally follow.
  • I will honor all agreements with my clients and others, including contracts, scheduling, and assigned tasks.
  • I will not knowingly take any monetary, professional or other advantages of any coach/client relationship.
  • I will conduct myself in accordance with this code of ethics whenever I am engaged in any coaching relationship or capacity.
Confidentiality Agreement

In order for us to work together with integrity, it’s important for us to agree to hold all of our conversations in confidence. Toward that end, you and I agree to never share the following information with others, unless mutually agreed upon ahead of time:

  • Financial information, including earnings, goals, and coaching fees
  • Proprietary business information or processes
  • Coaching strategies and techniques
  • Business-related purchases or investments
  • Any recorded conversations, whether video, audio, or transcribed
  • Notes and task lists
  • Any documentation related to our coaching relationship, such as legal agreements, pre-call and post-call review forms, checklists, and questionnaires.